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Book of L - Quotable Wit and Wisdom Collection 3
Book of L
Book of L ii - Quotable Wit and Wisdom Collection 4
Book of L ii
Book of L iii - Quotable Wit and Wisdom Collection 5
Book of L iii

Legacy of the old Latin Fiat Lux "Let there be Light", like lightning, inspiring minds from ancient Rome to digital age, lighting up lakes, leaves, illuminating hues of landscape, and at this very moment sheds light onto this Book of L. 

Life is like a line, drawn by looking deep, listening and learning, by laboring brain and limbs, and by leisure; dotted by being lost to fame or luxury, lured by lust, laden with desire for lots of lots; or tuned with light footsteps and cheery laughter.

Latin: Lumen Ad Viam. Believe that Light would lead life out of darkness into lasting love. Therefore, to Light, is our dedication ~ three lit candles, three Books of L, each consisting of three sections: 1) L in Quotation; 2) L in Latin Motto; 3) L in Poem.